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About New Earth

Holistic. Collaborative. Supportive. 

New Earth was founded on the principles of deep, transformational healing, authentic connection and communication, transparency between practitioner and client, honesty, collaboration and a transpersonal view of humans. With an approach rooted in existential therapy, our clinic began with therapy services, and has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners. Our team has been carefully and thoughtfully created to include individuals who truly value what New Earth was created to provide, and individuals who we genuinely believe in and support their work personally. 

Our team specializes in non-ordinary states of consciousness to facilitate healing, and we work collaboratively to provide you with a deeper shift in your healing and health. 

Plant Shed

Our Story

Our founder, Sarah, had a vision for a clinic that authentically embodied a holistic approach to health. A physical space where you felt welcomed, seen, validated + respected. Where therapy didn't feel like a chore, and where your health was in your hands. Where practitioners co-created with you, listened to your story (and actually heard your story), met you where you were at, and supported you through the process. 


She set out to create this vision. 


Sarah merged her professional interests (psychedelics and somatic work) with her personal interests (natural + holistic health), found practitioners that shared the same views on health and the shared vision of the clinic, and got to work.  

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping people find deeper, more transformational healing through a holistic approach to health. By incorporating different modalities into your treatment, we believe that you will feel more empowered, notice a deeper shift in your growth, and find a sense of commitment from our practitioners. 

What you'll find

Our practitioners are trailblazers in their fields, prioritize professional (and personal!) development, walk the talk and truly believe in what they preach and practice. Our practitioners are able to show up as their best selves, because rooted in our clinic is family. We deeply believe in our team members, support each other's work personally, collaborate like nobody's business, and are lucky enough to call each other friends. 


Because of this... we can show up for you.


We check our ego's at the door, shelve our personal biases (as best we can!) and support you where you're at. You will never hear one of us say we have all the answers or know all the things. We have no problem admitting when we're wrong or lack knowledge in an area. We are authentic and collaborative to our core, and we really believe you are the authority in your health. We are here to guide, support, educate and encourage. 

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