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New Earth Therapy

 We are a collective of holistic practitioners who specialize in non-ordinary states of consciousness, psychedelic medicine and somatic work. 


Our work ranges from psychedelic assisted therapy and individual therapy to somatic breathwork, Kambo and natural healthcare. 


Our common vision is that you are the authority on your health. Our goal is to provide a space so that you can explore the deeper levels of your consciousness to find the insights, growth + healing you are looking for.  



We are dedicated to helping people find deeper, more transformational healing through a holistic approach to health. By incorporating different modalities into your treatment, we believe that you will feel more empowered, notice a deeper shift in your growth, and find a sense of commitment from our practitioners. 


specializing in psychedelic therapy

All of our practitioners have a deep interest in altered states of consciousness for healing. We work collaboratively to provide you with a safe, ethical approach to navigating the world of psychedelics or ketamine. 



Individual sessions are offered for adults, either through in-person or virtual sessions.

psychedelic integration

For individuals who use psychedelics on their own time, and are looking for a space to integrate the lessons and insights.

ketamine assisted

A two hour therapy session coupled with the medicine Ketamine, for a deeper, more expansive experience


Are you a mental health professional interested in KAP or psychedelic work? We offer consultation!


Kambo is a secretion from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog. It cleanses and purifies ones body to bring it back to its natural state of wellbeing and balance.

natural healthcare

Our Naturopath, who specializes in mental health, offers bowen therapy, acupuncture, naturpathic medicine and vitamin injections. 


Learn to connect to your breathing, how to use breath to deepen your healing, or as an integration tool with your psychedelic work. 

Groups +

We offer different groups, workshops and courses, with more in development. Find out what we currently have on the go!

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