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Sarah Binsfeld, M.Ed

Sarah Binsfeld, M.Ed

Founder + CEO
Registered Psychotherapist (CCPCPr #3058)


Currently has a waitlist for new clients


My Story

Sarah founded New Earth Therapy in 2020, focusing on psychedelic integration and holistic individual therapy. In January 2021, she created New Earth's Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program. In June 2022, she was the first mental health practitioner in Canada to provide Health Canada SAP approved Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy for depression (previously only approved for end-of life anxiety in Canada). Sarah is an advocate for psychedelic medicine in the therapeutic space, and has big plans for the future of psychedelics in therapy here in Saskatchewan. 

In addition to psychedelic work, Sarah has a deep passion for somatic (body) based therapy. In 2022, she co-founded Journey Home (a somatic based practice offering group work, retreats, workshops and more) with her New Earth colleague, Lyndsay. Sarah believes that her work as a therapist requires constant learning and un-learning, and at any given time, you will usually find her enrolled in at least 2 courses, programs or trainings. She is currently working on her Somatic Experiencing training (she begins advanced level training shortly), MDMA training, as well as a certificate in Transpersonal Psychology. 

Sarah is a psychotherapist, but also a mother, a wife, an adventurer and one of many souls on this Earth navigating her purpose and place. Although her educational background has provided her with the knowledge and tools to support you, she credits her empathy and intuition for being able to hold space for and connect with people. She loves the work she does, the connections she makes with clients, and the trust and vulnerability she sees on a daily basis. Sarah is a big believer in living authentically, and that is usually something different for each person. For her, it means trying to accept who she is in any given moment, consciously looking for the sparkling moments that exist in every day and making time for things that fill her up spiritually and emotionally.

When not working or dreaming up new ideas and goals for New Earth, you will likely find Sarah at home on her acreage with her five year old son and husband (and dog, cats + chickens), where on top of running two businesses, she homeschools her son. You can also find her in the garden growing food or the kitchen making and preserving food, planning the next family holiday to Tofino, or curled up on a chair with a book and strong coffee. She lives for deep conversations, holistic and natural living, meaningful friendships, nature getaways, poutine and a good cuddle with her kiddo. 


  • Masters of Education (M.Ed) in School and Counselling Psychology - U of S

  • Bachelors of Education (B.Ed) with distinction - U of S

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) - U of S

  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy - Polaris Insight Centre

  • Psychedelic Psychotherapy Training - ATMA Calgary

  • Somatic Experiencing, Intermediate Level 3- Somatic Experiencing International

  • Psychedelic Integration Course - Embodied Philosophy

  • Transpersonal Psychology Diploma - Centre of Excellence (In Progress)

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)


  • Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (CCPCP) - Full Member, #3058

  • College of Alberta Psychologists - Registered Provisional Psychologist (Alberta, #3190p)

  • Psychologists Association of Alberta

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