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Natural Healthcare services are provided by Melissa Stamnes from Enlightened Living Healthcare. 

Melissahas extensive training in natural healthcare: she is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis certification, Nutri-Energetics Practitioner, and she completed Acute and First Aid Introductory Homeopathy course through Western College of Homeopathy as well as Psychosomatic Energetic Practitioner level 1 and 2 (Certified 2019, have required hours completed).  She also completed her Advanced Physical Iridology through the Integrated Iridology school in Australia. This training has a strong focus on Constitutional Iridology. 

Melissa offers testing which includes the following: 

Constitutional Iridology: 

Melissa assess the variations of color, fibre structure, and any other structures in the eye to determine the constitutional strength of the physical body.  She can also see aspects of the personality through the eyes and how this affects you physically and emotionally.  By studying and understanding the nerve fibres, colors and other clues within the eye, she has a good insight into which systems in your body may be under stress and where your genetic weaknesses lie.  Iridology can help her understand your case better. 


Vega Testing

Vega testing commonly used in Europe, is a tool that uses bio-energetic regulatory techniques that has its origins in homeopathy and Chinese Medicine spun into a modernized western technology. The Vega test picks up imbalanced energies before they become pathological or symptomatic. Sometimes the client is already experiencing symptoms and other times they are not depending on progression. 

With Vega testing we can determine exactly where you are at. If the abnormality in the form of an electrical charge continues long enough then symptoms and structural issues will occur.  A small painless voltage is applied and the change in skin conductivity along a specific acupuncture point is observed.  Putting a test substance into the measuring circuit between myself and the and client tells a lot about the state of energetic change that is occurring.  Testing various ampule loops provides me an energetic status of the various organs, tissues and systems.   Through bio-feedback we can test the most appropriate remedy, potency and dosage to return the energy to homeostasis and strengthen the constitution.   Vega testing is excellent when the health problems have an unknown cause or a problem that is not responding to treatment. It picks up the dis harmonies of the energy that over time will affect the person structurally. 

Psychosomatic Energetics

Psychosomatic Energetic's is a natural healing modality that has been clinically proven to identify and effectively resolve emotional issues.  The combination of Eastern energy medicine with modern science led to the establishment of Psychosomatic Energetic's (psycho=mind, soma= body).  


Psychosomatic Energetic theory is based on the knowledge that harmonious free flowing energy is important for mental, emotional and physical health.  Subtle energy flows through the body and is a source of health, vitality and well being.

Clinical practice may not show specific cause or diagnoses for symptoms like irritability, fatigue and in general unwell.  Illness is usually a reduced flow of energy due to emotional trauma which was not fully processed and becomes repressed into the subconscious and stored in the human subtle energy field as an emotional conflict.  This energetic block weakens the body and contributes to physical, mental and/or emotional disorders. 

Blocked emotional traumas have been known to cause chronic disease.   Research in psychoneuroimmunology and psychoendocrinology show that emotional traumas can lead to endocrine dysfunction, weakened immune system, inflammatory reactions and disease processes.  Psychosomatic Energetic's works at resolving these traumas in the body's subtle energy field.  Using energy medicine to resolve the emotional conflict on the subtle level can initiate a return to health. 

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