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Melissa Stamnes

Owner of Enlightened Living Healthcare

Natural Healthcare Practitioner


Currently accepting new clients


Meet Melissa

Melissa is a Natural Health Care Practitioner who is passionate about everything holistic health. She believes that everything (including us) is energy, and that things take place on an energetic level before they take place biochemically. 

Melissa obtained her Natural Health care Practitioner diploma from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada. She is currently working on a Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine diploma through AMCC.  Melissa is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis certification, Nutri-Energetics Practitioner, Completed Acute and First Aid Introductory Homeopathy course through Western College of Homeopathy and Psychosomatic Energetic Practitioner level 1 and 2 (Certified 2019, has required hours completed).  She completed her Advanced Physical Iridology through the Integrated Iridology school in Australia. This training has a strong focus on Constitutional Iridology. 

She was very fortune to have completed a clinical training under Henrietta DeJong (25 years experience) at her successful practice in Edmonton, Alberta, learning the skills of constitutional Iridology, measuring change in acupuncture points through skin conductivity, and Reba testing.  Melissa learned to apply this all in a clinical setting. Melissa was taught through her training and education to create unique protocols and recommendations for a client based on their specific individual needs and results. No two people are the same and no two results will ever be the same.


When not working, you can find Melissa on her acreage with her husband and two daughters, in the garden, or most likely researching something.  



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