Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

New Earth Therapy offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in collaboration with The Linden Medical Center, in Saskatoon, and with The 12th Avenue Clinic in Regina. KAP with New Earth Therapy is for treatment resistant depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. We are proud to be the first and only clinic in Saskatchewan offering this service!

Note:  If you have benefits, the psychotherapy portion of KAP sessions can be claimed through benefits the same as regular therapy.

Please check with your insurance provider for amount of coverage, and what designations they provide coverage for (psychotherapist, psychologist, etc).

KAP is a unique approach to traditional psychotherapy, where we combine the medicine ketamine with 2 hours of psychotherapy. This combination and approach to therapy may accelerate growth and change, and often facilitates non-ordinary states of consciousness. Our KAP program is done in collaboration with a team consisting of a psychotherapist, psychiatrist and registered nurse. 

Ketamine is known as a "dissociative anesthetic", which means that it has the tendency to produce a disconnection from our usual way of feeling or thinking. Given at lower doses during a psychotherapy session, it produces shifts in consciousness that may lower your defences and allow you to dig deeper into your psyche, traumas and healing processes. Individuals often report that they feel much calmer, lighter, and free of worries and anxieties during ketamine treatment. 

When used in lower doses, Ketamine can facilitate psychedelic experiences such as non-ordinary states of consciousness and spiritual growth/connection. 

To begin the intake process with a psychiatrist at The Linden, please have your physician, psychiatrist or nurse practitioner send a referral to The Linden Medical Centre.

Inforgraphic on the difference between KAP and IV Ketamine:

KAP Fees

6 week KAP Program:


Our KAP program is 6 weeks in length, with one KAP session a week. Integration sessions are optional, but strongly recommended.


Included in the fee:

- 1 psychiatric intake (covered by SK health)     

- 1 psychotherapy on-boarding/intake session

- 1 Psychotherapy prep session

- 6 KAP sessions + 6 Ketamine doses

- 3 integration sessions (optional)


Total Cost: $3,750 without Integration

$4,290.00 with Integration

Fee Breakdown: 

Each KAP session is $565 ($360 for the psychotherapy portion, which can be claimed through benefits; $205 for the medicine + RN)

Intake and Prep session are $180 each

Integration sessions are $180 each

KAP Maintenance Sessions:

2 hour KAP maintenance (after the 6 week program in completed) - $565