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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a revolutionary treatment for depression and PTSD that aims to help you get to the root of mental health conditions, and to help you live your life with more joy, connection and presence. Our KAP program (in collaboration with The Linden Medical Centre) combines holistic therapy with intravenous administration of ketamine, in a safe and welcoming therapeutic space, where you can discover your true self beyond trauma, depression and limiting beliefs. 

KAP combines psychotherapy with the medical administration of Ketamine, which leads to an altered state of consciousness. These short term cognitive changes allow an individual to push aside their ego/analytical way of thinking, and to access deeper parts of their subconscious. Guided by a therapist throughout the entirety of the session, one is able to explore traumas for deeper healing and resolve, process strong emotions and memories that may be too difficult to access, and explore existential experiences for deep insights. Our goal is to help you move deeper into your subconscious and experience personal insights and breakthroughs so that you may find more transformational healing on your journey. 

Throughout the program, you will be supported by a collaborative team of professionals - your therapist, registered nurse, psychiatrist and other appropriate support (ie, breathwork facilitator). 

Our KAP program


Our KAP Process

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KAP Fees

Intravenous program

Our IV KAP program is done at The Linden, and includes psychotherapy during the IV experience, with an anesthesiologist and registered nurse involved. IV KAP is only done at our Saskatoon clinic. 

Psychiatric Intake: Covered 

Psychotherapy intake/prep: $270 -1.5h

6 IV KAP sessions (therapy fee only): $1620 ($270 each)* - 1.5h each

3 Integration Sessions: $540 ($180 each) - 1h each

*This fee does not include the IV portion of the session. For fee information on the IV Ketamine portion, please visit

**Psychotherapy portion of KAP can be claimed through extended benefits**

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