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KAP Saskatoon

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in Saskatoon is done in collaboration with The Linden Medical Centre, and both clinics are conveniently located in the same building (149 Pacific Avenue). 

If you are interested in the program or for more information, please contact Sarah at New Earth Therapy at 639-398-8054 or

Please note: current wait time for initial KAP assessments is approximately 1 month

Our KAP program requires a referral from your family physician, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist. The referral form can be sent directly to The Linden Medical Centre. Please find the referral form below: 

Saskatoon KAP Team: 

Therapy/Integration Team

Sarah 3259.JPG

Sarah Binsfeld, M.Ed
KAP trained therapist


Lyndsay Knorr, M.Ed
KAP trained therapist

Lisa K.jpg

Lisa (LV) Kusch, M.Sc
Breathwork Facilitator

Medical Team


Monika Hooper, MD


IMG_0861 (1).JPG

Zach Macnab
Registered Nurse


Jeralynn Leptich
Registered Nurse


Erica Vermette
Registered Nurse

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