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Kambo is a secretion safely collected from a Giant Monkey Tree Frog found in the Amazon (also known as Phyllomedusa Bicolor). This secretion contains bioactive peptides familiar to the human body and recognized as a natural substance. We unlock to Kambo at a cellular level which allows the Kambo to clean out deposits left in our cells by foreign substances. This intelligent medicine enters through the lymphatic system and is unique to each individual. It knows exactly what we need to cleanse, purify and bring our body back to its natural state of wellbeing and balance.  The Kambo works through the Chakra's, Meridians and Auricular (Ear) and the treatment is determined and decided on during your consultation.

Our Kambo practitioner, Carissa, approaches this work from a highly ethical and safety-informed practice. In fact, Carissa is the only kambo practitioner in North America who holds liability insurance for her work. She is a vocal advocate in the Kambo community for safe and ethical treatment, and is often asked by her governing body to consult and teach. 

Kambo is one of the most powerful natural resources to strengthen our immune system. It is considered the strongest natural antibiotic and has antiviral properties as well as peptide pain relievers.  Kambo helps aid in the bodies natural ability to heal from a wide rage of physical & emotional challenges such as: 


Autoimmune Diseases

Chronic Pain

Depression / Anxiety

Energy Blocks



Deep rooted toxins

Lyme Disease



Fertility Problems

Blood Circulation

Skin Conditions



Bacteria / Viral Infections


1st Session: Helps clear toxins and heavy metals built up in the body allowing space to go deeper for the 2nd & 3rd Session

2nd Session: You go a little deeper working on the physical, mental and emotional blockages.

3rd Session: Allows yourself to go deeper clearing current and ancestral illnesses and diss-ease that have been manifesting in our bodies creating physical ailments.

Physical Effects:

-It stimulates the immune system and aids in the production of antibodies
-Increases the production of red & white blood cells
-Lowers blood pressure
-Increases sensory perseption
-Contains a neuropeptide called Dermorphin which is a natural pain reliever and helps those dealing with Chronic Pain
-Deeply cleanses the intestines and improves gut health
-Increases physical strength
-Cleanses our heaving metals and toxins
-Eliminates bacterias, fungus & parasites

Mental & Emotional Effects:
-Increases clarity & focus & concentration
-Quiets the mind
-Increases motivation and determination
-Balances your emotions
-Settles anxiety and soothes depression
-Transforms negative thought patterns

Spiritual Effects:
-Supports in solving energetic and emotional blockages
-Creates deep, direct connections to the heart and intuition
-Purifies the spirit
-deepens your love within and throughout

Sananga is a powerful plant medicine in the form of eye drops and known for:

Gaining spiritual awareness

Energetic cleansing

Quiets and clears the mind

Calms anxiety

Releases facial tension and headaches

Improving focus

Decalcifying the pineal gland improving vision

- glaucoma, astigmatism, cataracts, blindness


Hape is a mix of tobacco powder, Amazonian medicine plants, trees, leaves & seeds. This medicine is blessed by the tribes in the Amazon to help reconnect us with the Spirits of the Forest and God of Creation. We offer our prayers & intentions upon receiving the hape and release what we no longer need to carry.

The Hape Experience

Quiets the mind

Realigns & Opens the body's Chakras

Clears negativity

Releases emotional, physical & spiritual tension

Detoxifies the body

Improves Immunity

Treats indigestion and heartburn

Opens up the nasal pathways

Treats headaches and sinus congestion

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