Maggie the Bulldog

Therapy Dog - IN TRAINING

Professional snuggler

Snoring Master Extraodinaire

Summer hours for Maggie: 

Mondays and Fridays


My Story

Sarah and her husband welcomed Maggie into their home at just 8 weeks old. Maggie presented with a slew of health problems, and her second home became the vet clinic. Luckily, she loved it there so much, that she would even spend days helping out there while Sarah was at work. Maggie and her dog brother, Kodie, were Sarah's personal therapists throughout grad school, work, and everything else.


When Sarah's son was born, he unfortunately developed severe allergies to Maggie, and she had to be re-homed. But luckily for all, one of the vets from the clinic adopted her, so she has remained a staple part of Sarah's life. Before she went to live with her new family, she was just beginning therapy dog training. Now at the old age of 10, she is starting again!

Maggie will not be at the clinic every day, and will begin her training with one day a week. If you are one of Sarah's clients and would like to request a session with Maggie present, please e-mail her at

If you are allergic or have fears of dogs, please let Sarah or the clinic know. Maggie LOVES people, but is a little more reserved with other pups. If you have a service dog that will be joining you, please let Sarah or the clinic know, as your dog will take priority of being here

Finally - please be patient with Maggie as she learns. She is a loving, excitable senior bulldog, but she can forget the weight she carries behind her as she paws at your leg. If you would like a session without Maggie present, please let us know.