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Breathing Behavior Analysis + Recovery:
A Workshop for Mental Health + Medical Professionals

Statistics suggest that tens millions of people worldwide suffer with the profound and misunderstood symptoms and deficits of learned dysfunctional breathing habits. Unfortunately, these habits are rarely identified by practitioners, their effects mistakenly attributed to other causes, and their resolutions prescriptive in nature where focus is on symptoms rather than on causes.


This workshop will  explore how 

 (1) to assess breathing habits and their effects on health and performance based on the principles of behavior analysis,

 (2) to assist clients in managing and/or overcoming dysfunctional breathing habits that compromise physiology, psychology, and performance.

(3) to identify common breathwork interventions that unintentionally dysregulate the nervous system

(4)   to use the  breathing strategies that maintain or reinstate a normal chemical axis de-escalate, support,  integrate emotions or shift from dysfunctional to adaptive  breathing responses during therapy sessions.

When: Saturday, March 19; 1pm - 4pm

Where: Zoom, link will be sent prior to the workshop

Investment: $75, due at the time of registration

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