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Our Integrative Kambo Psychotherapy (IKP) is a first of its kind, combining the powerful healing of Kambo with in-depth psychotherapy. Our IKP program is a treatment for mental health concerns (depression, trauma, anxiety), chronic illness and pain, and so much more. This program aims to help you get to the root of your symptoms conditions, and to help you process, move through and heal. Our IKP program is done in a safe and welcoming therapeutic space, where you can connect with yourself in a whole new way. 

IKP combines kambo and psychotherapy, allowing for a deeper integrative session to access, process and release emotions, trauma, anxieties, pain, dis-ease and more. Throughout the program, you will receive ongoing support from the integrative team, which includes an IAKP Kambo Practitioner and a Registered Social Worker. 

Our program is created to suit each individuals needs and ranges from 1 - 3 (or more) Kambo sessions in a series, as well as integration sessions. The program is created based on many factors: presenting concern, finances and more. 

Our IKP program


Our IKP Process

Our program does not a referral from a physician, therapist or nurse. You are able to self-refer for this journey. However, before you are approved for the program, a thorough intake/questionnaire will be completed to ensure you safely meet the requirements and are not contraindicated for the kambo experience. If you are interested in the IKP program, please contact our experience coordinator at or 306-514-8238, or fill out the form below. 

The current financial exchange for our IKP program is as follows (*please note, if you have extended benefits, this fee may be covered by your provider): 

Integrative Kambo Psychotherapy Intake Session: $315 (includes both practitioners)

Integrative Kambo Psychotherapy Session: $945 (includes both practitioners. Fee also includes: kambo medicine, sananga or hape, kambo soup, unlimited follow up support through text or email with Carissa)

Integrative Kambo Psychotherapy Integration Session: $315 (includes both practitioners)


IKP Financial Exchange

IKP Contact
What time works for you?

Thank you! Our Experience Coorindator will contact you soon.

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