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Journey Home:
A Somatic Based Group Space

Over the past year, we have noticed many similarities among individuals coming to our clinic: a disconnect from self + emotions, feelings of overwhelm in life, not knowing how to regulate their emotions or self, and less joy in life. Many individuals were interested in psychedelics, however, that wasn't always the best fit for multiple reasons, so we would work in somatics with many clients. After noticing the similar themes that would pop up, and moving through our Somatic Experiencing training, Sarah and Lyndsay decided to launch a group space dedicated to somatic work, making it more accessible and affordable for more people. 

Although we continue to weave somatics into our individual sessions, if you are interested in a different approach, we encourage you to check out our sister practice, Journey Home, to learn more about our somatic based groups, workshops, courses + retreats. 

Plant Shed
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