Forest Path


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy - $3,720 - $4,260 (see KAP page for more information)

Psychedelic Integration Therapy - $180 for 50 minute session
Individual Therapy - $150 for 50 minute session; $225 for 80 minute session
Individual Session with Practicum Student: $60 for 50 minute session

Couples + Family Therapy - $160 for 50 minute session; $240 for 80 minute session

Somatic Breathwork: $200 (2 hour initial assessment)
Breathing Behavior Analysis: $250 (2.5 hour assessment)
Breathing Behavior Analysis follow up: $100+ (30-90 minutes)
Maternal Birth Trauma Integration: $300 for 6 weeks of 90 minute classes
Infant Birth Trauma Integration: $300 for 4 weeks + private intake
Intro. to Conscious Breathing: $60 - 3 hours (group class)
Coherent Tremoring for Trauma Release - $60 - 3 hours (group class)
Functional Breathing: $180
Transformation Plan: $3,500

Natural Healthcare: 
Initial Assessment: $225 (2 hours)
Follow-up appointment: $100 (~1 hour)

Occupational Therapy: 
Individual Session: $130
Initial Assessment: $585

Individual session: $100
Add-on to KAP: $90

Emotion Code/Access Bars:  $120


Although services with New Earth are not covered through Saskatchewan Health Services, some extended health plans may cover a portion of the cost of some of our services. Depending on which therapist you work with, you may be able to claim a portion or the full amount of a session. *Please check with your insurance provider if reimbursement is a concern, or to double check if you qualify for benefits*
Clients are billed directly for services rendered and a detailed receipt of payment is provided to you to submit to your extended benefits provider for reimbursement.  New Earth Therapy does not direct bill any insurance companies for extended coverage.
New Earth has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Once you book your session, that time is reserved specifically for you. It is understandable that life happens, and things pop up last minute, but we do require a 24 hour cancellation notice. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours will be charged the full fee. Additionally, if you are more than 20 minutes late for your session, your time will be forfeited, and you will be expected the pay the full amount.