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Carissa McNaught

Certified IAKP Kambo Practitioner



Currently accepting new clients


Meet Carissa!

Carissa is a Certified IAKP Kambo Practitioner and Certified Life & Health Coach.  She is enjoys helping clients in creating possibilities and sharing a safe, supportive space to hold transformative treatments to improve on one's quality of life.


She is a mama to 4 incredible humans and 1 fur child. They are her reasons why and it's they who have fueled the motivation for her own healing journey through spirit plant medicines years ago. Although she works with different healing modalities and variety of natural amazonian medicines,  Kambo was and still is her main secret ingredient, one in which helped her get her life back. She offers these unique healing experiences while utilizing chakra's, meridians & auricular points to unlock physical, emotional and spiritual blockages, guiding the body and spirit back into alignment.

Some of Carissa's favorites: 

Location:  In the Kitchen with her kids; Anywhere rainy & foresty

Food: Chips; Fried Mushrooms; Jackfruit Taco's; Burnt Toast and Kambo Soup; Raspberries

Songs:  Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison - Dancing in the Moonlight, King Harvest - Purple Rain, Prince - Her daughter :)

Color:  Every shade of Yellow

Drink - Water with extra sparkles

Season:  Autumn

Book:  Every single book written by Sophie Kinsella


  • Certified IAKP Kambo Practitioner


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