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Somatic Breath Therapy 

SBT utilizes one of the simplest and yet most efficient, balancing and integrative mechanisms of the body, the human respiratory system.   It creates resilience in the nervous system while integrating past shock, trauma, peak experiences, chronic pain, and residual compensations from injury.  SBT is direct, experiential, immediately felt and successful with anyone who has conscious volition over their own breath. Assessment must be completed first.


Breathing Behavior Analysis

Breath learns, from the moment of your birth.Your breathing habits affect & reflect health, performance and consciousness every second of the day. Psycho-physiological  breath analysis and learning sessions using Somatic and Autonomic Biofeedback technologies,( Educational Capnography, HRV, EMG, Oximetry & Neurofeedback ) emphasize the relationship dynamics of breathing mechanics for achieving stable respiration, emotional regulation and improved stamina rather than prescriptive forms of breathing.  Awareness of conscious and unconscious learning is center-stage as you identify, unlearn, & replace dysfunctional breathing habits.


Introduction to Conscious Breathing

A small group exploration of the power of breath. This mini workshop is a fantastic way to dive into breathwork and present moment awareness. Come, be inspired.

This isn't yoga.
This isn't therapy.
This isn't meditation.
This is a numinous experience with your breath.



Maternal Birth Trauma Integration

A 6 week  series to reset the nervous system after giving birth. This course gives mothers room to process and integrate their experiences without judgement while gently bringing the nervous system and emotional body back into balance. Open to any woman at any time after giving birth. Whether it’s last month or ten years ago. This is not talk therapy. Instead the approach is gentle  breathwork, somatic release and trauma integration exercises. Private sessions available. 


Infant Birth Trauma Integration

This small group 90 min class will be 4 weeks in duration and offered to infants and primary caregivers under 12 months. Many children have residual trauma from seemingly benign birth practices, necessary medical interventions, and extended separation from the mother. This series will rest their nervous system and create a bridge to positive attachment patterns between child and parents. A private intake session included in the price will occur before classes begin. Completely private sessions are also available at $125 per session.


Coherent Tremoring for Tension and Trauma Release

What if you could literally shake your stress away and reclaim the innate ability to reset the nervous system daily, as real life requires. Therapeutic Tremors are achieved with a simple yet innovative series of exercises and supportive breathing practice that safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance by releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. This is a 3 hour small group class.
Private sessions available.

Functional Breathing

This 8 week class focuses on creating awareness of your breathing patterns and then restoring the natural range and function of your breathing mechanics to help you feel at ease in your body.

Transformation Plan

Combined Somatic Breath Therapy, Breath Behavior Analysis and Coherent Tremoring, give you the tools to completely shift your breath and your life in a very focused 12 week process. Includes one full day personal intensive followed by ten weekly two hour learning sessions and 5 integration phone calls tailored specifically for you. You will experience profound and permanent shifts in your conscious awareness, mechanical/mental function, performance enhancement, physiological optimization and neurological re-calibration. 

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