New Earth was founded on the principles of deep, transformational healing, authentic connection and communication, transparency between therapist and client, honesty, collaboration and a transpersonal view of humans. With an existential and transpersonal approach, our therapeutic offerings can involve intensive soul healing and energy work. It also incorporates talk therapy, habit restructuring, support, guidance, and other elements that are typically found in traditional counselling.


Western approaches typically teach us to search outside of ourselves for sources of joy; at New Earth, we work together to shift that focus inward in order to help you cultivate a deep connection with your self, where your unwavering self-love acts as a catalyst for transformational healing.


Therapy at New Earth often addresses the full spectrum of human psychospiritual development; from an individuals deepest wounds and traumatic experiences, to our existential crises (we all have them!), to the most transcendent capacities of our consciousness.


Our specialties include: consciousness expansion, spiritual and emotional development, depression and anxiety, re-connection to self and overall holistic healing.

With New Earth, you can expect an honest, open and authentic communication style and deep energetic shifts and healing.